2 months old baby

Question: Hiii iam bf mother can i eat egg and fish my baby is 2 months old he his on bm

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Answer:  In general, there are only two foods breastfeeding women should avoid or consume in very small amounts: alcohol and fish. Alcohol can be passed from mom to baby in breast milk and affect neurologic development. ... Fish (including canned tuna) should be avoided or eaten in moderation, no more than 2 servings a week. Just as when you were pregnant, it's important to eat well while you'rebreastfeeding, with plenty of wholesome fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein, and calcium-rich foods. ... You need an estimated 300-500 extra calories per day as abreastfeeding mother. Hope this helpful.
Answer: Hello Yes. You can eat everything u want. Be positive and happy. The milk supply will increase. U can also eat methi leaves or seeds. Dil leaves or seeds. Oats or sooji kheer lots of ghee and diary products. U can also use breast pump to stimulate more. But best way is to feed ur baby sorry for repeating dis point cos it is the best Avoid gassy food like cabbage lots of dals. Use A mixture of cumin and fennel seeds with ghee 2 to 3 times a day. Ghee works best for increasing milk.
Answer: Hello dear... Yes,you can have eggs,fish they are good source of protein and omega acids which is needed for the baby and can also have dried fish,which helps lot in increasing breast milk supply,and make a habit of drinking cumin water after every meal during breastfeeding,it will helps in digestion
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