40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam almost 40 weeks pregnant..still no signs of labor...

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Answer: You should be patient when it comes to labour and give the baby its own time to make way and come out.If your baby is in normal cephalic position and u do not have any complication,it is advisable to walk for 20-30 mins,Do squats exercises daily,stimulate your nipples between to fingers (this releases oxytocin and helps in contraction). HAve pineapple juice! Dont take stress as it could delay your labour and take care! Have you gone to the doctor recently to check if your cervix dilation has started?
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    deepthi kosuri443 days ago

    Cervix 2cm long...Does cervix dilation has started?

Answer: I am also 40 weeks pregnant... Due Date was 26 June... Still no pains and any other signs of labor... Doctor advised to come on 2 nd July.... Don't worry walk as much as you can... Squats, butterfly exercise and sit on your feet and be positive... Everything will be okay
Answer: Can i expect normal delivery...they asked me to come on monday to induce pains..is there any chance of normal delivery if i was induced..
Answer: They have written that my cervix is 2cm long,OS closed,medium consistency...
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Question: Iam 39 weeks pregnant still no signs of labour.
Answer: Hello, Do in your first pregnancy it happens that your pains can start late so don't worry just do some walk regularly and try to stimulate your nipples it can induced labour.
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Question: I am 40 weeks pregnant with no signs of labor... How much longer does a doxtor wait before inducing labor?
Answer: Probably 2 or 3 days ... within that time ur cervix might start funneling
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Question: Hi am 40 weeks now my due date is 20th june no signs of labor yet
Answer: Hi.. Labour pain is a natural process. There is not a fix time to start, you can consider around your due date. Find ways to relax. Labour will not begin if you're tense, worried or trying hard to start labour. ..Go for a walk. If you are having contractions but are not yet in labour, walking can help get things going,Have sex,Take castor oil or evening primrose oil, Eat spicy food and Try nipple stimulation.
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