29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: IAM a vegetarian and my hemoglobin is low.how to improve my hemoglobin?

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Answer: Have beetroot juice , pomegranate juice. When I am pregamamt it perfectly worked for me
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    Syndrilla Princess389 days ago

    Can we drink beetroot juice daily?

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Question: My baby is 23days old.not picking wait.how to improve secretion of milk.i am a vegetarian
Answer: hi dear ! there are some medicines that increase breast milk supply like domperidone but should be taken with doctors consent. there are home remedies that you can try to increase the milk supply : 1)Garlic is known for its lactogenic properties that help increase breast milk supply in mothers. Mince garlic cloves and add it to your dishes. You can also chew on a few garlic cloves. 2)Soak one tablespoon of methi in one cup of water overnight. In the morning, boil the soaked methi along with water for five minutes. Strain the solution, and drink this tea every morning to increase your breast milk supply. 3)Add a tsp of saunf to a cup of hot water. Cover the cup, let it steep for 5-10 minutes, and then strain the solution. Drink the tea twice daily for a month. 4)Extract the juice of fresh drumsticks and drink half a glass of this juice everyday for a month. Drink this twice daily for one month to increase breast milk. 5)Mix one tsp of jeera power with one tsp of sugar in a glass of warm water. Drink this daily before going to bed to boost your breast milk supply. 6)Take a pinch of cinnamon powder and mix with 1/2 tsp of honey. Have it along with a cup of lukewarm milk daily before going to bed. 7)Eating a bowl of this masoor daal can enhance breast milk production. Have it with a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of ghee. 8)Make a healthy salad or juice of carrots and beetroots and eat them daily to increase the supply of breast milk. this remedy should help you dear! take care dear! i hope this information was helpful!
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Question: Hi, I'm 10weeks pragnent... My hemoglobin is 9.2.. How can I improve it? & I'm purely vegetarian..
Answer: Hi Your haemoglobin should be  in between 10 to 14.   Foods that contain iron are required to eat properly. U shoild have spinach juice by crushing 20 leaves in mixer. Add some splash of leMon to increase the absorption of iron in body.  Avoid taking your iron supplements with milk and avoid taking Iron supplements in morning Ideally, your calcium supplements should be taken in morning or if taken at night, there should be at least some 4 hours gap between your Iron and Calcium supplements.u should also have iron supplement advised by doctor. You may eat cooked ragi, kale, oranges, jaggery almond beetroot carrot. 
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Question: iam a pure vegetarian plz tell me suggestion to improve my breast milk
Answer: Have carrot juice everyday. It will definitely improve your breast milk supply.
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