20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam 5th month should i go for scanning... Is it compulsory ..? Let me know in which months scanning s necessary

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Answer: Hello! Yes it is important to get the scan done during the 5th month of pregnancy. During this time anomaly scan is done where the radiologist studies carefully all the parts of the baby and the placenta carefully for any abnormalities. Apart from this you will have one in 7th month and again in the 9th month of pregnancy. But if the doctor feels the requirement, she might ask you to take more scans also. Take care
Answer: Yes in 5th month scanning is compulsory... This scanning is called as anamoly scan which help you to know your babies development regarding brain, skull etc... don't miss it
Answer: Baby body parts scan is necessary at the end of 5th month
Answer: please follow your gynac advise on this
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Question: Iam in 5th month ... Is it compulsory to go for scanning
Answer: No, its not compulsary at starting of 5th month but by the end of 5th month or strting 6th month u have to go becoz that is the only tym.when ur baby all parts are checked that evrything is normal. If ur doc. Is saying for ultrasound then u must have to go. All the best
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Question: Now i am in 5th month so scanning is necessary in this month or which scanning is done?plzz tell me
Answer: Hi. In your 20th week you will have to get an anomaly scan done. Anomoly scan should b done compulsarily to know whether the baby is fine with all it's parts developed and organs developed.. so we have to do it.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Is it necessary to do 3d scanning during 5th month
Answer: 3d scanning is not at all necessary and infact it's even not available in many cities of India. If doctor suggests for 3d then only go for 3d scan, else don't waste ur money.
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Question: Is it really compulsory to go for scanning in 8th week of pregnancy
Answer: If it is your first scan you should go for scan...because of checking for baby's growth.
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