19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam 5 th month prgent doctor says placenta is low laying ,any risk for low laying placenta ?

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Answer: Me too ....but don't worry it Will go up but you have yo take care of yourself
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    KALYANI GOBBURU391 days ago

    Thank you but i have lot of pressure dear

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Question: Iam 5 th month prgent my docy saying low laying placenta oberved in scan any problem
Answer: Dear When egg is fertilized it attaches itself to the uterus and it can attach anywhere in the uterus but mostly it get attached on the lower part of uterus and it is called low lying placenta ..so extra care is needed in low lying placenta to avoid any complication. like don't sit on your foot, avoid sitting in standing for long time, don't lift any heavy things , avoid sex and usage of stairs.. don't exert your body much and take proper bed rest because that is really important....
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Question: My doctor says low laying placenta any risk low laying placenta
Answer: Its slightly risky if its placenta preview. Try to take bed rest as much as possible.
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Question: What is meaning of low laying placenta my doctor says scan i have low laying placenta any risk low laying placenta?
Answer: Hi dear.. you don't need any exercises for low lying placenta. You will need complete bed rest. Donligt weight or cause body any strain. If you can take bed rest, the placenta will become correct positon. Sleep more on the left side. It will help.When the placenta covers the opening in the mother's cervix is called low lying placenta..
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