12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam 11.5 week pregnant i underwent NT scan on this firday the result is showing as prominent lateral ventricle my doc said the report is normal. But iam worried by this word lateral ventricle is this is any sign of disorder in my baby. Please help me out

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Answer: Hi dear. It means one of the baby's ventricle looks larger than the other. Mostly, the babies with this finding have born healthy. Don't worry
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Question: In my NT scan it is shown as bilateral prominent ventricle is it a problem??
Answer: Hi Please do get the repeat scan done. It will help your doctor monitor the ventricle size. Based on the growth or size of ventricle your doctor may advise further tests like fetal MRI. If it is mildly enlarged without associated complications then there is a possibility to resolve on its own. however in severe cases it could lead to neurological problems if not treated timely. Certain procedures may be required to be done after birth too with help of neurosurgeons
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Question: Hi, in my NT scan report NT range is showing .15cm and developing placenta in anterior wall...is this result good?
Answer: Hi dear, NT scan report upto 3 mm considered normal with low risk of chromosomal abnormalities. Your result is quite lower than that so definitely chances of abnormalty will be less but if there is any doubt then you doctor may ask you for dual marker test. When Placenta attaches to the anterior wall of the uterus that is towards your tummy its anterior Placenta and it is absolutely normal. Don't worry.
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Question: I have done my 2/3 trimester scan today. In that it report showing liquor is polyhydramnios and the fetal right lateral ventricle 5.6 mm and left lateral ventricle measured 7.3mm. Is that normal
Answer: hi dear! if lateral ventricle measure more than 10mm then it is a problem it is help considered as ventriculomegaly dear. so right now dont worry dear. take care.
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