12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam 11 week pregnancy... What food, vegetables, fruits.. I should eat to strength me and my baby growth...

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Answer: Take proper nutrition diet dear you should at calcium, iron, other nutrition in your diet for that you will need to have milk and Milk products pulses, green vegetables, dry fruits fruits etc in your diet make sure to have non veg as well all this will help your baby in proper growth and bone development
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Question: What vegetables and fruits i can eat for baby growth
Answer: Hi dear during pregnancy is always better to eat different kinds of vegetables and colourful vegetables for property development of you baby. Even when I was pregnant my doctor suggest each Rainbow platter in your lunch and dinner. It means green vegetables and all the other colourful vegetables with dairy products and pulses and lentils legumes should be in your regular diet. Green vegetables are very good to consume during pregnancy because it is high in Iron and Folic acid. But avoid eating vegetables like Jackfruit unripe papaya etc. during pregnancy. Everyday you should eat one citrus fruits like orange sweet lime or and at least two fruits like pomegranate guava, jamun. Now the seasonal fruits which are available presently in market like mango or watermelon these all are rich in natural sugar. During pregnancy it's better to consume less amount of such fruits as chances of gestational diabetes remains high. Hope it will help you, take care.
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Question: What should mother have to eat in second week of pregnancy ,in fruits and in vegetables..?
Answer: Hi. throughout your pregnancy you should eat a healthy balanced diet . a healthy diet includes lots of fruits and vegetables . you can take apple, banana, berries, avocado , Orange . make sure you eat one cup of Fruit everyday . regarding Vegetables you can include all green leafy vegetables in your diet. also drink plenty of water at least 3 to 4 liters of water per day .
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Question: What vegetables and fruits we should have to eat
Answer: Hi dear. You can eat all types of vegetables and fruits especially seasonal vegetables and fruits which is beneficial in your pregnancy. You should avoid grapes papaya pineapple and gassy foods like cabbage spicy foods etc. I hope this helps
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