25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I ws delay with my anomaly scan.... I did in 24 wks... Is der any problem

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Question: I m 24 wks, scan done it shows vsd ( very small) any problem will happen to my child in future?
Answer: Hi Dear! VSD or septal defects most commonly seen in left ventricle. Most of the times small defects are self corrected. You need to monitor the baby, post birth every two weeks dr will ask a post natal visit to do ecg/Echo and mri if required to evaluate the healing process. If its not a hole measuring more than 2mm then do not worry. If at all baby shows sign of distress bluing of skin. Murmurs or sever cramping in limber hands and legs uneventful. Then surgery can be thought of But if not severe they will call her in 6 months to check if surgery required. By the age of 2 everything shall be alright. Do not worry. Hope this helps!
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Question: I'm 34 weeks. But in scan growth is one week delay. 33 weeks. . Any problem with this delay
Answer: Hello! There is no problem in one - two weeks delay in the growth of the baby. However, try to cover the lag by having nutritional food, include more of vegetables and fruits, dry fruits and all. Take care
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Question: Hello my 8 months has started is der any scan bcoz last anomaly scan my gyn has didn't did any scan so is der any scan in last 2 months???
Answer: There is USG scan but not for anomaly just to see baby position and development. 8 months too late for any anomaly scan it should be done much much earlier
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