6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I donno what is happening with me since yesterday brown discharge is coming no pain nothing very little its coming i even took progesterone injection also using susten 200mg twice a day donno y its no stopping at all. I'm

Answer: I told my doctor also she said u have to take medication n see weather it is stopping or not take rest she said that's all.
Answer: Some ppl wil face spotting thrgh out pregnancy dont take stress be om bed rest fr few days n take medications
Answer: Don't worry dear.consult your gynae and go for sonography .
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Question: I had brownish red discharge yesterday and today also..last night I took a progesterone injection and medicine..m very tensed..hope my baby is safe..what should I do?
Answer: Even I had same kind of discharge in the 12th week. Dont worry just continue with the progesterone till doc says and dont do much physical activity. take care.
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Question: My period started friday and there is no bleeding nothing but yesterday morning very little brown colour discharge what is that actually....... Am i pregnant??? I checked at home on Saturday but it was negative 😔
Answer: I had three day of brown discharge for my period last month, and this month no period. And am now pregnant, I would just watch for the signs if I was you or go see doctor.
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Question: Its been 1 month for my d&c and since day before yesterday i have brown discharge... I am worried as couldnt find out the reason. I have no abdominal pain. I also had unprotected sex
Answer: Bcoz of d&c and sexual contact are sometimes is shows like discharge it good only then only ur unwanted blood will be come out.so it's normal
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