13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I went to nt scan but they told come after one week the baby growth is only 10 weeks 2days is there any problem in it

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Answer: No issues ma😊.... As per my dr NT scan will be done between 11 to 14 weeks.. It gives clear results on this stage stage....
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Question: Yesterday i went for NT scan they told my babys NT value is 2.5mm.Is any problem
Answer: Less than 3 is ok. It is important to take the quadruple screening which is again a blood test to measure anomaly specific proteins Which help in identification of genetic issues. Do not worry take the screening please.
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Question: As per my lmp iam 7 weeks pregnant but after taking scan doctor told that baby is growth is around 6 weeks and they told me repeat the scan after two weeks. Is there is any problem in that?
Answer: No, there is no problem in that.. Sometimes LMP and ultrasound reports differ. So there's nothing to panic until your BP, Thyroid, Hemoglobin, etc.. are normal.
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Question: Today i went to tiffa scan but doctor told come next week baby growth is one week less that mean any problem
Answer: Hello dear, 1-2 week gap is nothing to be worried. So don't take street, just keep your diet healthy and stay fit.
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