13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i went to doctor for ultrasound at 12 weeks ,but doctor said my baby's position is not correct,is it a problem?

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Answer: Not at all Now only u r 3 months So be relaxed
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Question: Dr. Said my baby's size is not increasing she advised me for ultrasound is it ok for ultrasound before 12 weeks m very confused plz help
Answer: Don't worry.. U can go for ultrasound. It is safe for your baby. But too much many times of ultrasound is not good for baby. In total pregnancy, 4 to 5 times u can go for ultrasound.
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Question: Hii, I am 15 weeks pregnent but still now there is no baby movements, is there any problem. At 12 weeks i was went ultrasound doctor said baby growth has been 3 days late. Any problem will occur.
Answer: No. There must be no any problem. There is nothing like you should feel your baby movements at 15 weeks you may feel later. 3 -7 days late is ok there is nothing to worry about
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Question: Today i went for ultrasound. N doctor said that baby's position is upward. Is there any problem?? When baby will be downward??
Answer: you are just in your 32nd week of pregnancy so there is still much time left for delivery so don't take any tension there is not any problem because baby can change position anytime . just keep your body active a walk daily at least one hour it will also help you baby in the taking proper position and will also prepare prepare your pelvic floor for childbirth.
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