26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I went out at 3in afternoon. I'm in 6th month. Wil it be a problem to my eyesight and babies health?

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Question: Hello, I am 3 months pregnant. Actually I eyesight is week and I am using specs. I dont want that my babies eyesight will be week in future so I should I do for it? What should I prefer to eat for good health and eyesight of baby?
Answer: Hello dear If ur eyesight is weak it doesn't mean that ur baby's eyesight will also be weak... U can take the diet which is rich with vitamin c like take mosambi juice daily, and also take full night soacked almonds in the morning empty stomach.. And don't worry eye sight is not genetic,...☺☺
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Question: I went to loo four times yesterday morning, afternoon, evening and night, it was a normal loo ( not loose motion).....but I'm scared, is there any problem?
Answer: Hi, it is due ntoneither indigestion.ifnsomethibg has not suites you or it is because of pressure of the utwrus as the baby grows and uterus expands it creates pressure because of which there is increased bowel movements too .sometimes it can also be due to stress or hormonal changes.
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Question: Now i reach 8 month and I'm having problem with eyesight .it is connected with pregnancy??
Answer: Yeah sometimes your vision can get blurry when pregnant. But pls do mention it to your gyneac for further assistance.
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