28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I went for Gtt ,my fasting sugar was 100 and second was 195 and last was 135. Doctor has started medicine. Shall I start medicine or not? Or control it by walk

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Answer: Hi dear, One should not take chance in pregnancy.i think you have gestational diabetes.itneeds to be controlled through medicine.as 195 is way too high.and 100 as fasting sugar is borderline high.diet for diabetes is mandatory but at the same time you can start treatment too.
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Question: My sugar level was on little higher side fasting 107 and PP 126.Doctor has started my medicine still it can harm my baby ...
Answer: no dear,dont worry..i have faced the same situation when i got checked for sugar level,it was near borderline same as u.then doctor started medicine to me..in starting i ws tensed whether the medicines necessary or not..but now in this phase i came to know that it was a right decision..bcoz as soon as our gestational age going on sugar level increases,so we have to be careful in our earlier period.. apart from medicines u have to be careful for ur diet also..like u have to keep a distance frm sugar or sugary fruits...u cnt have any kind of sugar in any form..i will suggest u.: 1.to walk atleast 30 minutes daily.. 2.to eat apple,anar,orange,kiwi in fruits only..no sugary fruits like kela..cheeku..kharbooja etc. 3.try to add chane ki roti in ur one meal..that is gud for sugar control.. 4.try to avoid sugarfree pills or powder bcoz they also hav chemical composition so dnt even go for that. 5.last but most important be happy,dnt have a little bit stresss..bcoz it is the real cause to increase sugr level.. stat happy,stay healthy..😊
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Question: I had gtt test.My sugar level was 83 after fasting and 157 after 2 hrs..Is it normal. ?
Answer: Your fasting level is normal But after 2 hr sugar level is little bit higher side,normal during pregnancy is 120-140. Now you should avoid taking sugar product,bekary product,rice at night. Take high protein diet ,this will help you to maintain your sugar level. Walking and some light exercises also help you. Follow the proper diet chart, consult the diatcian,she will guide through out preganacy,because baby will need everything during pregnancy.
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Question: My Gtt test after glucose intake was 159. My fasting sugar was 100. But a night before i was very much stressed. Does stress can be a reason for sugar level fluctuation??
Answer: Hi dear, The reports show you might have gestational diabetes. Stress on a long run would have adverse effect on everything. But just a day if stress won't make you diabetic. You probably need to check further with your doctor regarding this. This usually goes off post delivery.
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