8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i went for an utransound in the 6th week and after that i changed the doctor now she says i follow my protocol u will again have to get your ultrasound done in 8th week, is it safe to go for ultrasound within 2 weeks gap?

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Answer: Hello! There is no problem in getting ultrasound every week also. It does not use any harmful rays to get the reports. It uses sound waves to make the study, hence nothing to worry about. Take care
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    amrit devgan603 days ago


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Question: I went for scanning in 6th week, but der was no heartbeat detected, doctor told to get the scanning done again after two weeks...Again n again scanning wont hav any effect on baby????
Answer: Hi no don't worry you can going for scanning again in fact you should repeat the scan after 8 to 10 to 12 days which will help to know the baby's heart beats
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Question: I am 13 week pregnant... My first ultrasound was done on 8th week. When should i go for next ultrasound.
Answer: Ist scan can be done in 6-8 weeks which is normal heartbeat checking scan. Next scan can be done in 11 weeks 01 days to 13 weeks which is known as NTNB scan.
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Question: I went for my first ultrasound today but doctor wasn't able to get the heartbeat what should be done i just completed my 6th week
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