36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I was taking bath on a chair and somehow chair got imbalanced and then fell down and i felt pain in d bone and of right bum.my babys movements are fine but i m still worried.

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Answer: Dear if your baby is moving fine minimum movement should be atleast once every hour at this stage then there is nothing to be worried. You should not be having any severe pain in lower abdomin or any kind of discharge which is not white. For pain in bone and hip apply volini and use hot water bottle it should give you relief. Take care in future. Hope it helps.
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Question: my kid got fell down today. i put ice cube on the head. but still i am worrying...
Answer: Hello! Look for the following symptoms. Drowsiness. Unwilling to eat or have milk Sleeping. Not active Vomiting. If the above symptoms are there then immediately consult the doctor. Or else, there is nothing to worry,baby is absolutely fine. Take care
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Question: I can fell the babys heartbeat but no movements and i am a diabetes patient is there any problem
Answer: Hi dear it is not possible to feel baby heartbeat with any Doppler but u must be feeling movement of nur blood vessel. U will start feeling ur baby movement till 25th week of pregnancy. Ur being diabetic doesnt affect ur feeling of baby movement.
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Question: I've heard that if baby kicks are felt more on left then its a girl and if on the right then its a boy.is it true?
Answer: Hi dear there is no truth i. This myth. It is not at all practical. Baby can move in any direct.l saving the fact of girl or boy.
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