3 months old baby

Question: I was giving steam to my 3 months old daughter and i gave it in wrong way. Her face became red and there is a small blister on her face. I feel really bad. What should i apply on her face?

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Answer: 1st you take her to the doctor dear they will give u the ointment
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Question: After took deep steam feel like acid reflux, slight pain in chest while breathing , Is it really due to steam ? Should I not taking steam or any specific posture should sit while taking the same as I was standing when I was taking steam and my body was bended
Answer: Hello dear this is not due to steam .maybe you have acidity problem . you should not eat spicy and oily food . you should include more salads green vegetables fresh fruits in your diet . after taking diet you should walk include curd buttermilk in your food.
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Question: My 3 months old daughter is on formula feed and her weight is 4.6kg which seems on lower side. What should I do to increase her weight
Answer: Congratulations for motherhood dear @3 months baby girl weight should be betwen 4.6 to 7.4 kg .ur babies weight s ok dont worry so give 180 ml formula milk 5 times in a day . Try it
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Question: Hi, My baby was given 10 weeks vaccination on thigh and I could see big red patches on her thigh. Should I consult doctor or its a normal
Answer: Don't worry even my boy had red patches... Juz give a cold press... Twice in a day... Don't rub that area
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