11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I was feeling severe nausia at night so i took water with lemon n salt is it ok if i take it during 10th week of preg..

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Answer: Hello, Yes dear it is a great remedy to overcome nausea. Just don't worry you can take it whenever you have a feeling of nausea...
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Question: Shall i drink lemon juice with salt at this stage...bcz im always feeling thirsty if i drink water then immediately felt vomit sensation so i couldn't drink water...is lemon juice safe?
Answer: its obviously safe...u can drink lemon juice...add a bit of sugar to that so that it will keep you hydrated..
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Question: drinking lemon water with cumin salt is it ok during 2month pregnancy ?
Answer: Yes, you can't drink... Infact it will help u with morning sickness also. It helps to curb the vomiting tendency and provides vitamin can to body. Take care
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Question: May i have lemon juice twice a day , with 1 lemon n salt mix in a glass of water
Answer: Dear lemon juice or lemon is completely safe to have during pregnancy it will also help you reduce nausea and vomiting so there is no harm in it...
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