2 months old baby

Question: I was diagnosed with breast abscess because of which i had to introduce formula milk to my son. Am done with the treatment. I've ate all the foods mentioned here to improve breastmilk but am prpducing only 1/2 ounce (15-20ml) milk per session. Could anyone please suggest how can i improve milk at this stage. Is it possible to produce milk per my son needs (he is 2months old now)

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Answer: Hi dear! first of all congratulations on the baby and sorry to hear that you had to go through and abscess but as you have mentioned that baby is on formula milk now that is the reason that your body is producing 15-20 ml of breastmilk it is a direct relationship with your baby's hunger and your supply your body will produce that much of milk which your baby needs it's a demand and supply equation now if you are baby is not latching and your baby is dependent only on the bottle then first of all the baby would have a preference on the bottle have nipple confusion hence won't let you properly and if the baby doesn't like you properly you do not or your body does not produce any milk so first thing you need to let the baby large large and large the more the baby latches the more milk your body produces apart from it yes there are few food items which helps you to enhance the supply but the main thing is latching one more thing is if your baby is only on breast milk and units about 8 to 10 times a day then there is no problem in your supply and also pumping out milk and looking at the quantity will not really give you the original picture I mean less qty after pumping it is not an indication of less milk you can just check it to have an idea and as long as a reflexes concerned it is very common for small babies you just need to keep burping the baby well you can make the baby sleep with the way it happens on the lap that the head is little raised and the body is a little slanting in that we also the reflex issue will minimise when baby will be comfortable to but it's a face in whatever you do it is good to be there for sometime.. Hope this helps! ..
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Question: I've tried and ate all the mentioned foods to improve breastmilk production, but nothing seems to work for me. Could you suggest what else can i try now apart from pumping.
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Answer: 1. Use stainless steel , glass bowl or silver bowl should be used to serve the food. Plastic bowl and spoon should be strictly avoided. 2. Feed the baby is calm and comfortable position and head should be up completely. 3. Start with few tsp of the food and slowly increase the quantity . 4. prefer pureed and mashed foods only baby might have chocking issues. 5. Start with fruit puree first. 6. Give few tsp water after every meal for proper digestion . also as it is staring breastfeed your baby morning, afternoon and night... slowly decrease giving milk.. after 10/11 months you can feed him for one or two times
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