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Question: I was convinced naturally in July 2017 after trying 3months only but unfortunately lost our baby in April 2018 in womb before birth and now again we are planning for baby from Nov 2018 but not convinced after ejaculates liquid come out at same time (after placing pillow also) or in next morning as watery discharge is their anything wrong with me? Should I have to do any medical check up? My period are regular with 21 days cycle but last 2 months bleeding is very low as compared to usual period

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Answer: U can have IC during ovulation period( means 10day to 16day) also while having IC ask Ur hubby not to give pressure on u so that d sperms may not come out nd once IC completed u just turn left nd rest for 15 to 20 mins (if possible u sleep without washing ) it ll help u .... Nd also if age increases Ur periods day ll b lesser no need to worry Hope for d best ... All d best
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Question: I had dignosed with first left tube ectopic pregnancy in July 2018 after medical management it gets resolved...after that doctor suggested us we can take next chance after 2nd successive periods in we take chance after 25 th September. but again I am suffering with 2nd ectopic but it's in right side.we have done laparoscopy operation and removed that preganancy. I want to know what's the reason because of which I am having same problem again. Will i get normal pregnant in future naturally?
Answer: Dear in majority of the cases it is said that ectopic pregnancy doesn't repeat if it has happened once however innur case it has happened twice so I woukd suggest this time consult doctor and conceive under her guidance. Something like why it is happening again and again can only be answered by the doctor after test. So i would suggest discussing with gynae would be better and get the test done which would tell the reason for it. Hope it helps.
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Question: i m missed my period last period date is 1 sep 2018. 5th oct i have tested with preg test but result is negetive.already i have 7 yrs baby . Now symptoms are like consive. But in 35 days preg test result is negative . But symptoms are like pregnant . My stomach is almost size increased . When will confirmeed i m pregnant are not in 45 days after or before
Answer: U can chk after 2 months...If same so consult with doctor she scan ur pregnancy that it is positive or negative
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Question: Today I am done with my 3rd scan as per doctors advice but I am a little confused after seeing report as it's showing a huge difference between EDD calculated by LMP and the one detect in ultrasound.It was 18th April but reports are showing 12 may.So plz advice what to do
Answer: hello.. dear check your 1st scan edd and third scan edd dear.. they are almost same.. the second trimester edd varies..
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Question: hi i got my first period 40 days after my delivery then skip for one continuing month then again i thought i got my period the following month but my period are not as usual i got it in spots for jus one day then it stop .. m worried is it normal ?
Answer: Even I want to know the answer
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