11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I was a pcod patient ... But now i have conceived. I just wanted to know that what precautions should i take so that my pcod dont effect my pregnancy in any way... Please help!!!!

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Answer: Susten capsule may help you, but before taken it, consult with your gynecologist.
Answer: Don't eat any junk food.(cold drinks,coffee,heavy proteins,egg yolk).
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Question: I was a pcod patient! I am now 21 weeks pregnant! I just want to know if need to take some extra care in pregnancy as i am a pcod patient! I am only craving for sweet food items and i Know that having sweets for a pcod patient is not good! Please provide your thoughts! Thank you! Have a happy and safe pregnancy to all you beautiful mother's to be! 😊😊
Answer: I also had pcod but was never suggested any extra care/medicines but right I don't ear much sweets. Replace sweets for some fruits if you can. Just a bit of sweets is also ok no need to refuse completely have a bite of whatever you wish. God bless you and your baby also!
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Question: I m a pcod patient and i m pregnant so what precautions i should have in my diet and all...?
Answer: PCOS have same problem of irregular periods,weight gain. It's a lifestyle health issue and not a disease. So hence Lifestyle need to be changed. No junk food, high sugar consumption is not allowed as in PCOS insulin resistance and whatsoever we eat everything turn into sugar,so consumption of sweet, drinks with high sugar, fatty, maida based food is restricted, try to consume multi grain or millet rotis instead of wheat rotis, rice,pasta,maida avoid, junk food avoid. Add -30 min of exercise everyday be it walk,dance, swimming. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Have dinner early ( one of biggest reason for weight gain late & heavy dinner). Do take vitamin D & folic acid, sit in sun atleast for 10-15 min, flaxseed with luck warm water mrng & night. Increase protein intake. Take lot of water & laugh. Stress is one of reason for hormonal imbalance which leads to PCOS, thyroid.
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Question: Am 7th month now.... I just wanted to know what food I should intake so that it's good for baby..
Answer: Hello dear. Few of the foods to eat when you are pregnant are : Dairy products. Sweet potatoes Eggs Broccoli and dark, leafy greens. Berries Dried fruits and Whole grains. Consume whole grains like whole wheat chapatti, brown rice, oats, whole meal bread etc. Include at least 2 to 3 servings of protein rich foods like milk and milk products, egg, pulses, dal, chicken, fish etc. Take care.
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