21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I was 60 kgs when I started my pregnancy now I am 67 kgs.. is this a healthy weight gain??

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Answer: Maintain your weight dear. Have excersises yoga walk, drink lots of water, eat healthy, have good sleep take rest. This is the way you can maintain good weight dear. Over weight can create complications dear. 10 kg you can increase in pregnancy.
Answer: Dear, it is normal and healthy weight gain and nothing to worry about it. Usually a normal pregnant women will gain weight up to 15 kgs during pregnancy.so dont worry about weight gain.
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    Shoriyas Vanity888 days ago

    Thanks dear..actually my height is 5'7.5 so myb you are right..thanks dear🙂

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Question: Bfre pregnancy i was 63 kgs.. now am in week 21 nd ny weight is 68 kgs,my height is 5.2 ft, such weight gain is normal? And also what is the Weight boundary for a normal and healthy pregnancy ..??
Answer: Hi I say don't know your weight when you had conceive it is difficult for me to guide you but when I can see is during pregnancy it is absolutely normal for a woman to gain about 1.5 to 2 kgs of weight every month according you can calculate your weight gain during the entire pregnancy till now also during the entire pregnancy it is normal for a woman to gain about 16 kgs of weight..in throughout the pregnancy
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Question: Hello I am seven months pregnant... I was 51 kgs before pregnancy and now I am 58 kgs.. How much should be the healthy weight gain?
Answer: Hi dear it vary person to person. Make sure that ur baby is growing well . On an average a women should gain 10 to 15 kg in their pregnancy . So u r going fine as most of the weight increases in last trimester. Make sure to keep ur weight under average as excess weight couldn't affect ur normal delivery process.
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Question: Before pregnancy i was 63 kgs now i am in 30 th week of pregnancy now my weight is 78 kgs is this over weight ha
Answer: Actually you don't need to worry a lot now. but just take care that you won't increase your wait anymore at least not more than 2-3 kgs for the next 10 weeks
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