6 months old baby

Question: I want to start semi solid and water How can I start How often should I give him water and in what quantity

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Answer: Hi dear... You can give boiled rice, boiled and smashed vegetables like potato, carrot,beetroot, Fruit puree like orange, apple Dry banana porridge, ragi porridge, Please make sure to introduce solids in small quantity...at an interval of 3-4 hours or on demand
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Question: I will start giving semi solid to my baby, please guide me how many times and what quantity of semi solid food should i give to my baby.
Answer: 1 small Katori or small 25-35 gram of diet is enough for baby especially mashed dal rice or roti or smoothies as well as fruit serving etc. Juices 30-50/ml are ok. You shall give 4-5 small meals to baby including one friot serving one probiotic yoghurt serving and 3 proper meal servings If required can breast feed at night before sleep. Also can breastfeed early in morning.
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Question: My baby completed 5 months, can start giving him semi solid food, what are the foods can i give, in what quantity and how many times in a day, can i give him ghee plz ans me
Answer: Hello dear ... ideally you should start giving any solid at age of 6month..so please wait for 1more month.babies should be exclusively on breast feed till age of 6months as told by doctors.once your baby turn 6month slowly slowly u can introduce variety of mashed food to baby.
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Question: What quantity of solid food should I give in starting days? How much spoon of water and other semi solids?
Answer: You can start by giving your baby one spoon of semi solid food in starting the food should be running and should not be very thick
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