12 months old baby

Question: I want to postpone my periods. My gynic suggested me to take meprate. Daily i feel like i got the period.but it is not. Pkease suggest whether it works or not. And one more thing is i am breastfeeding mother.

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Question: I madam, my periods date is 6th feb, but i want postpone my periods, which is the best way or can i take postpone tablet today
Answer: hi dear! if you want to postpone periods yes you can take tablets like norethisterone or primolut n depending on what your doctor suggest. and with these tablets you have to take it 3 days prior to the expected date. so do consult with your doctor only itself so that medicine can be given. take care dear.
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Question: Hi,I'm breastfeeding mother of 9 nd half months baby...can i take primolut n tables.. To postpone my periods
Answer: Hi Dear! Postponing periods r not normal with tablets but usually dont affect babies but taking an opinion from ur Dr. is important. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi, I am breastfeeding mom,my baby is 8 months old now.i got my regular periods started but I want to postpone my periods for 3-4 days.is it safe to take any tablet?I have Primolute-N tablet.
Answer: No its not at all safe to have any such medication while you are breastfeeding your baby because these are hormonal medicine and can add in breastmilk and its not safe for baby. So dont take it without doctor prescription..
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