7 months old baby

Question: I want to know Which milk powder is good lactogen or Nan pro.. Please suggest

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Answer: I have used lactogen and nan pro, when i given nan pro, my baby didn't gain weight and she lost 100g in 10 days, then i got lactogen, this one is good she put on some weight and she is fine now, and try both and find out what suits your baby
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Question: Which formula milk is good nan pro or lactogen
Answer: Hi. It depends on which suiys your baby. My baby rejected nan pro and loved lactogen. Also it depends on what suits your baby, as some babies start to poop too much after specific fm. So try any one and check with baby. if baby is fine continue it.
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Question: I just want to know whether Nan Pro formula milk powder is safe or not ??
Answer: Hi dear...nanpro formula milk is totally safe for babies ...i too have used same for my baby..hope it helps
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Question: Which formula is good? Lactogen or nan pro
Answer: Hello dear U can use any branded formula milk as all formula milk are having all essential nutrients required for the growth and development of babies. U can compare each formula milk and can select the best among all of them. But according to me, u can choose nan pro as i also used it for my baby and it is really very good for the baby and contains all essential nutrients needed for proper growth and development of baby .
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