4 months old baby

Question: I want to know which medicine I can take for brain development of baby. My baby is 3 month 16 days only. Actually in my first baby Dr. Advised me a medicine for her which has contain omega 3 but now they have given no medicine except calcium

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Answer: Other than medicine you take pomegranate it's very helpful to baby brain development
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Question: I want to know which medicine which I can take for development of brain in my baby who is feeding baby and 3 month 16 days. In My first baby Dr. Advised me a medicine which has omega 3 but now they advised only calcium. I am feeding mother so it will be helpful for baby to give medicine from me with feeding. Suggest me please
Answer: Babys brain will develop don't worry give breastmilk upto 6 months you can take walnuts which is very good for baby brain development
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Question: Can anyone help me with omega 3 supplements. Apart from dry fruits can I consume omega 3 supplements which has high level of DHA. ...as it's very useful n important for the brain development of the baby. .
Answer: Omega 3 is a essential fats and you can get it only from good diet. fish is a rich source of DHA but you should take in limited amount. if you are vegetarian then eatt fresh leafy vegetables. for supplements you should consult with pedestrian.
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Question: Hello mam,I m 9 weeks pregnant. I m vegetarian,so i want to know that which food should I take for my baby's brain development??
Answer: Hi dear, Baby brain development starts post 3 weeks of conception.but it grows rapidly from 24 weeks onwards.significant brain development happens from 34 th week.so you can eat the following foods through out pregnancy,which could also helps in effective brain development: 1- eggs 2- green leafy vegetables 3- legumes and pulses 4- dry fruits like walnuts and almonds 5- while grain 6-oatmeal 7- apple and plum 8- no junk food and sugary diet 9- fish oil supplements 10- prenatal vitamins and other medications if required like thyroid Also refer the healofy app for daily updates on baby development and growth,as well as pregnancy care.it also gives you enormous info on post delivery baby care and diet.donot miss out!
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