23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I want to know k baby girl left side hoti a Aur baby boy right side it's true or not

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Answer: This is all old wives tales. Nothing confirms gender other than having sex determination test. So rather than involving yourself into these myths it's best to take good care of yourself and pray for a healthy baby. Take care.
Answer: hi, these are all old wives 's tales and has no connection with the reality. Each women experience different things in their pregnancy. Just let it be a surprise for you till the delivery day. All the best.
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    Sri Shri1290 days ago

    yes its diff for diff women....we cant predict...

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Question: I want to know it's a boy or girl
Answer: Hi dear, Gender of the baby can only be detected from 4th month onwards. Moreover there is no sure way to know baby’s gender other than getting sex determination test done, which is illegal in India. All other suggestive methods such as bump size,pregnancy symptoms and heartbeat are mere speculations, these finding doesn't hold any truth. They are just assumptions.
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Question: Is this always true right side is for boy or left side is for girl??
Answer: Hello, Dear it's not possible to predict baby's gender with position or side of baby. Its completely a myth and not true at all. Only a ultrasound and doctor can tell the gender of baby . I know being mother's we can't help but be curious about baby's gender but honestly dear it's better to wait and get a beautiful surprise after delivery..
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Question: I want to know it's boy or girl
Answer: Hello! There are many old wives tales as to how to know the gender of the baby, but all these are not true. There is no way to know the gender of the baby before the delivery date.
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