31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i want to know about renal pelvectasis.... scanning report shows left kidney is prominent about 4.1mm..and right one is 3mm...now am 30wk pregnant.. is this much prominancy is acceptable and ok???

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Answer: No dear it's not an issue but consult doctor every week.
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Question: 36weeks scanning report shows left kidney is prominent...and is measured about 6mm.. in 20wks it was not this much...3scanning shows 3meassures that is increasing by month...is it a problem? anything to worry?
Answer: Are you talking about your baby's kidney growth? If yes then ofcourse it's very normal. As the days are passing your baby is increasing in size and weight and so is his/her body organs. Rather its a very good sigh that the baby is doing well and getting all the nutritions from you. Have a healthy diet and lifestyle.
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Question: My baby has renal pelvis dilatation. During 27 weeks gestation both kidneys were 3mm. But now at 36weeks gestation left kidney is 4.5mm and right kidney is 7.55mm. Is this a serious issue. How to solve this?
Answer: Hi, mild pelvic dilatation is nothing to worry about. it will probably self resolve by time of birth of your baby. Your baby will be started on a small dose of antibiotics to prevent urinary tract infection after hes born if it is not resolved after birth.. then further testing will be done.
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Question: Anomaly scan shows Mild renal prominency on right renal with 4mm and left with 4.1mm . Is this ok. Our should i need to change any diet or anything
Answer: Hi dear. The left renal is slightly enlarged. But don't worry. Mostly it will resolve on its own.
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