36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I want to know about betnesol injection..Yeh injection kiyu diya jata hain..Plz koi mujha bataiye.

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Answer: For lungs maturity of baby.
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Question: I want to know why dr prescribe me betnesol injection?
Answer: Hello! Betnesol injection is given to increase the weight of the baby and also matures the lungs. It is generally given in case there are chances of preterm delivery or the baby's growth is not good. Take care
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Question: Kya betnesol injection har patient ko diya jata h????
Answer: It is not given to all patient It is given in the cases where the early delivery is expected so it is given for the lungs maturation of the child
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Question: Hi.. i want to know why gynaecologists recommended Betnesol injection during 9th month?
Answer: Hi betnesol is mainly given in pregnancy to avoid pre term labour that is before 32 to 35 weeks as the lungs of the baby are developed fully and it is also given to mother's who have fibroids,and also to prevent intracranial heamorrahage ,and some post natal threats to preterm babies ,your gynecologist will decide the dose as per ur urgency and need unless it is not usually recommended in pregnancy
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