40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I want to get pregnant what is the best time to conceive? My periods starts on 17 august. Tried many time but unable to conceive and whenever we have sex. Semen comes out directly not going ins de. Please let me know the easy way to conceive.

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Answer: At the time of making relationship put a pillow under your heaps. After ischarge tell to husband to stay in the same position for 5'10 minutes. Afterthat keep your both legs a little high with the help of your hands. You can visit to doctor also if your periods are irregular. She will do folical study and can tell you the best time of meeting.
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Question: Whenever we have sex, the sperm discharge always remains out after sex. All discharge doesn't get inside my body. Is this the reason i m unable to conceive?
Answer: I think, that can't be the reason for not able to conceive. Try for couple of months more. Hope you get pregnant otherwise see a good gyaencologist. You can visit the doctor now also for pre conception planning.
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