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Question: I dnt want to become pregnant now bt I miss my periods dis months

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Answer: Hello dear. Please take a home pregnancy test and if it's positive, please check with your doctor. Take care.
Answer: Can u tl ur last month periods date?
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    k gowda59 days ago

    January 12

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Question: I don't want to get pregnant now bt I miss my periods dis month
Answer: Hi dear, It is sad to know that you want to abort due to you should have taken enough precautions while having sex.there are so many ladies who are dying to conceive,and here you are talking about aborting.i am sorry but there's nothing I could help you,moreover no home remedies for have to visit hospital to get it done.
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Question: I m pregnant but i dnt want this baby now
Answer: Hi dear, I am not extremely sorry that I won't be able to help you in abortion.i feel sad that so many mothers are trying for years to conceive,but are unable to get pregnant,but you have conceived accidentally ,due to carelessness,wants to abort the baby.please go to hospital and consult a doctor regarding this,as healofy' cannot suggest you further regarding abortion.
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Question: My baby now 4 months.. unfortunately i miss rotavirus nd pneumonia vaccine. Now i want to continue that .is there any problem to miss vaccine
Answer: Hello dear, Some of the vaccines may be given as part of a combination vaccine so that a child gets fewer shots. But if u miss any vaccination then it can be harmful as vaccination is given at certain time interval to prevent against certain viruses and infections and thus it is important to give it on time. Better u consult ur doctor.
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