30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I want to ask that is it necessary to have aate ke ladoo during pregnancy as I am not liking it but my husband and inlaws insist me to eat. I am 6.5 month pregnant now.

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Answer: Hi All this is a myth..its on u of u like it than u have it if not than don't have it don't try on insist urself forcefully to have something which 'll not onli harm u but ur baby also inside
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Question: Halo dear ....I just want to ask that is it safe to drive activa during pregnancy?
Answer: It is safe to drive ...but even though it would be better to avoid driving ..beco this is the time we should more safe than ever.....Happie pregnancy
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Question: Hii mommies i want to ask that i m 21 weeks pregnant as is it necessary that breast will show some leakage in 5th or 6th month but i m nt having that leakage till now. Is it okay?
Answer: Tats ok, normal. It differs person to person. I got colostrum only few drops before delivery. After my baby started taking feed, it was fine.
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Question: Hello..i am 17 weeks pregnant and i want to ask whether we can eat bitter gourd(karela) during pregnancy..is it safe or not??
Answer: yes bitter gourd is safe for you it contains vitamin A and Vitamin C
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