29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I want to ask that if i drink daily apple milk shake instead of drinking milk is this shake nutrition will cover the need of drinking milk daily means is apple shake is enough for me ? I m 28 weeks pregnant

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Question: Doctor told my baby is having hole in his heart, will see if it will cover means okay, if it will not cover we need to do surgery.. is that cover automatically please ans me
Answer: Hello, Dear I can understand your situation and emotions at this time I have gone through the same thing with my baby. So it's completely normal that baby have multiple holes or one hole in heart. Baby is very small so chances are high that it will heal on its own till baby is 6 months. So don't worry consult with your doctor and see what he says.. Don't loose hope just stay strong. Baby will be all fine and safe. My prayers and wishes for you and baby..
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Question: Drinking thnda milk shake is ok in this week? I m in 33 weeks
Answer: Yes dear, you can take cold milk shake, as due to summer everyone has carving but don't take too much cool food.
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Question: if i m not drinking milk daily or eat apple daily is it compulasary that colour of my child will not fair..😯
Answer: Color of baby doesn't depend on what you eat. It's genetic.
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