28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I want to ask something...can i do under legs wax or use veet...i am 7 months pregnant...as it is very uncomfortable nowadays..

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Answer: Hello! Yes, you can do both. But since the skin becomes sensitive due to the hormonal changes, first get a a patch test done.
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Question: Can we use veet or wax to remove underarms hair
Answer: hello dear you are 11 weeks pregnant There's no evidence that waxing is unsafe, but it may not be advisable. Your skin is likely to be more sensitive and itchy now that you're pregnant, because of all the hormonal changes in your body. ... This may mean your bikini wax, and the regrowth of hair, is more painful than usual.so dear u can go 4 wax or use veet both r safe
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Question: Can i use veet fr bikini wax? Isn't it harmful fr baby??? Or if is it what can i use???
Answer: I think any chemical is harmful during pregnancy on ur body. So avoid such things
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Question: Can I use veet in under arms and legs
Answer: Yes dear it is absolutely safe to use veet during pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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