9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Helo.. I want to ask a question my last period was 11 June yesterday morning I check in kit it show double line but I line was very light Wat does it mean m I pregnant or not

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Answer: Hi dear, Double line weaker or stronger confirms you are pregnant.if you have already missed your periods and home pregnancy test appears positive,you can confirm being pregnant.usually when the line is faint,it could be because you took the test too early,like did not wait till your missed period ,or you took the test in evening,when the pregnancy hormones are very low.try repeating the test.
Answer: S your pregnant. If you have doubt again u can check with another kit. You will be clear.
Answer: Yes dear u r pregnant. Congratulations!
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Question: My last period date was 25 november. I tried pregnancy kit n there appeared a light coloured line. What does it mean?
Answer: It means your pregnancy test is weekly positive,repeat this test after 1 week with morning urine sample. You will get dark 2 lines. Light color line because of your ovulation was happened late this is reason.
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Question: My last period was on march 21 , on april 23 i checked with home pregnancy kit &it was thin line not darker ,what does it mean ?
Answer: Hi Dear One of the important reason for faint line is due to low level of HCG hormone in urine. That is why morning urine is preferred as it is concentrated. In early pregnancy the hormone may be low. You should repeat with another brand with morning urine only. In case of doubt go for ultrasound that will give you more accurate results..
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Question: Hi.my LMP is 12th today i got light bleeding not like period..in pregnancy kit test shows very light line what does it mean?
Answer: Hi dear. Congratulations you are pregnant, light lying means week pregnancy , that means your pregnancy is just a few days , if you will t undergo test after few days then you will see a dark line there . Congratulations once again
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