6 months old baby

Question: I want start solid food to my baby i want to start with fruit purees so how much can i give him

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Answer: after the baby 6 months all you can start giving match the fruits and fruit juices to the baby always remember you should give only one new item in a day to day baby and continue for 2 days to see with Suits the baby initially you should start with small quantities you should give give me that just one fourth of a fruit oe 2 to 3 spoons of any juices and then gradually increase the quantity to half of fruitor 5 to 6 points of juices
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Question: my baby turns 6mnth after 7days so i will start solid food to him.but how much quantity and many times in a day should to give him?
Answer: Hie For the first time with a y food of your choice Don't go for complex go for simple easy to digest food Like rice water,Dal water ,banana etc Give him a mouthful for the first time Observe for a day if it goes well digested Then the next day increase it to 7-10 spoons And gradually to a small cup ( I preferred the small chandi katori and spoon and use to go by it's size ) Once your baby has adapted to it go for another food Like give him rice water for 4-5 days then introduce a new food may be mashed banana Then another 5 days introduce steamed apple or pear or carrot or boiled potatoes Just ensure the food is well cooked 7 th month introduce porridge of grains like rice,ragi, lentils, moong dal, bajra, Dalia...etc Offer him a variety of food so he adapts to the taste of vegetables, grains and fruits
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Question: Can I give dry fruit to my baby....which dry fruit to start with and how much
Answer: Hi. You can give walnut, almond, cashew pista, dates, raisin etc to your baby. You can prepare dry fruit powdee for baby, so dry roast every dry fuit mentioned above beside raisin and dates. Once they are cool grind them. Make sure you are nor grinding it in one go because they will become oily and sticky so gring for 1 sec and stop for 3-4 sec again grind for 1 sec. Like this in 4-5 rotation you powdee will be prepared. Take 10-15 walnut, almond, pista and 5-6 cashew.
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Question: My son start 6 month. I start semi solid food. How much give to food
Answer: Yes you can start solid foods like fruits and vegetable purees without salt or sugar. You can also start rice powder cereal in liquid form. But offer only one food a day and repeat for 2-3 days. Start with only one or two spoons, if baby is comfortable in digesting the same you can give little more quantity. Watch out for reaction or allergy to any food items if baby shows signs like vomiting, loose motions or rashes.
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