Question: I want normal delivery plz suggest me what can I do for normal delivery

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Answer: you should follow these tips 1. Stay away from stress: It is normal to feel stressful during pregnancy. But try to stay away from stress, anxiety, and random thoughts, because negative emotions can turn the process of childbirth into a nightmare. 2.Stay positive and refrain from negative birth stories: You may come across both easy and difficult childbirth stories. Listening to negative stories would make you more nervous and anxious, and may result in a panic-attack. 3.Walking and swimming: Both are highly recommended exercises for pregnant women. 4.Practice right breathing exercises: Breathing is something you don’t even notice. But it is the one thing that can make the whole labor process easier, negating the need for a C-section. 5.Try not to put on excess weight: Yes, it is important to achieve a decent amount of weight during pregnancy, but you don’t need to pile on the pounds. Overweight women can have problems during labor and may end up with a C-section.
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Question: My baby is in breech , so what can i do for normal delivery?
Answer: Hello dear, My baby was also in breech position and when i consulted doctor I got to know it is common for a baby to be in the breech position (bottom down) several times throughout a pregnancy of babies remain in the breech position until they reach full term or between weeks 30 and 37. Some breech babies turn themselves naturally in the last month of pregnancy. If your baby is in a breech position at 36 weeks, your doctor might suggest you think about an ECV, or external cephalic version, which means your doctor will try to turn the baby by hand after 37 weeks. This will increase your chances of your baby turning to a head-down position. Take care.
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Question: I am working it possible to me normal delivery.what can I do for normal delivery?
Answer: Hello dear, when I was pregnant got normal delivery here are a few tips which worked for me and also if you have some experienced female with you try to talk to them it will give you more confidence: Take child birth education classes Convey your desire of having a normal birth , keep a healthy diet , exercise regularly, let the baby choose the due date, sleep adequately. Take care, all the best.
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Question: My baby has loose motion... Plz suggest me what can I do???
Answer: Oh ur baby s soo small loose motion s due 2 seasonal change or stomatch infection my friends baby also same She consult 2 pediatrian nd meducine as he suggest and suggest her 2 give 2 3 ORS in normal water after every loose motion as water level shouldn't be down in body nd bf after 2 2 hours too.u can try it also first consult to dr .taje care 🙂
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