Question: i want my baby to be healthy and fair ...what can i do for it

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Answer: you should have proper food dear. 1. 2 glasses of milk daily 2. 2 bowl of daal 3. Curd , salads, buttermilk, 4. Dry fruits 5. Whole grains 6. Seasonal fruits 7. Bowl of veggies 8. 4 litres of water daily 9. Protein rich diet 10. Iron rich diet like spinach, dates, kiwi, carrots, beetroot
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Question: I want my baby to be healthy n fair, what should i do?
Answer: Hello ma'am , Congratulation for your pregnancy. If u want healthy and fair baby u should eat rich deit :- Deit for healthy baby :- In a pregnancy u need to consume extra protein, calcium and mineral. So u can eat :- 1) dairy products- milk, ghee, paneer, curd etc. 2) all types of pulses 3) sweet potatoes 4) Egg 5) broccoli and dark leafy green vegetables. 6) berries 7) whole grains 8) dried fruits 9) water - 2 lit of water per day . 10) fruit 11) juice and soup 12) fish 13) chicken . U should follow this tips for fairy baby :- 1) saffron milk 2) coconut 3) milk 4) egg 5) almond 6) ghee 7) orange 8) pineapple 9) funnel seeds . Thanku
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Question: Hello...I want my baby to be very healthy ,cute,fair and chubby?what shud I do for that
Answer: Hello! Eat a balanced and nutrition rich healthy diet to gain optimum weight for your pregnancy stageTake your prenatal vitamins regularly. They compensate for any gaps in your nutrition intakeInclude dry fruits and nuts in your diet considering which trimester you are in. A handful of them should be enough for a dayEnsure you get enough rest and get good sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, consider having chamomile tea or read your favorite bookStay relaxed and positive at all times. Keep your anxieties to the minimumKeep yourself well hydrated with water and fresh juices. Caffeinated drinks do not count
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Question: If I want that my baby will be fair and healthy so what can I do??
Answer: Hi dear, There is no food or drink that could give you a fair's complexion is decided by genes.these are all heredity characters.some people do say ,taking saffron during pregnancy,makes baby fair etc,but it is a complete myth.your baby skin colour won't change through diet,but it could become healthy and supple by healthy wish for healthy skin rather fair skin.fair unhealthy skin is not wished by any....
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