17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I want a baby girl I already have 2 baby boys ..Can I do any thing in relation 2 this....?

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Answer: dear.. during my pregnancy also i was very curious! but we wont know till the baby is born. Only radiologist can understand whether it is a boy or girl. but they wont tell. it is illegal.
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    Lubna parveen625 days ago

    ya I know its illegal....but I just pray 2 god that he will blessed me wid a baby girl....

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Answer: Hi, if you want baby boy, I suggest you never skip ur breakfast, specially in first trimester. The second thing is try to take more than more protein in ur diet. Such as: milk, curd, Dal, soya, paneer, chij, egg etc.
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Answer: Hello dear....babies are blessing of God.. it's not in our hand to decide whether it will be boy or girl. For mother boy or girl does not matter...lets wait for the surprise on big day
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