3 months old baby

Question: I wana ask dat is it good to give gripe water to babies of 3-6mnths of age

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Answer: Dear please don't give baby gripe water. It has alcohol as it's ingredients which is harmful for the baby. Give baby colic drops instead. It will cure colic, digestion and constipation problems in baby.
Answer: Yes it's good, We started from first month only
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Question: What is the use of gripe water.. what age can give gripe water to a baby??
Answer: Actually gripe is used for baby's colic ,instead of gripe water u can use colic aid syrup but ask Dr once and start using it
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Question: My baby is 5 months 24 days can I give her gripe water?? Is gripe water good for babies...??
Answer: This is a controversial topic. few moms accept it whereas few dont. For days n days woodwards gripe water have been given to babies and no problems have rised unless given in large quantity. it helps babies in digestion and colic pains. bt stil few docs dont suggest it. its purely ur wish. if u give jus make sure u give prescribed amount.
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Question: when do start Gripe water?Is it good for babies
Answer: Hello Gripe water has alcohol in it. It's like giving ur baby a teaspoon of beer doctors advice strictly against it. Some babies get allergic reaction to it. As it has alot of sugar in it the sweet taste soothe ur baby not it's contents. The alcohol in the gripe water can knock a baby off it's equal to drinking whiskey. It can cause rashes from the herbs present in it. It is also known to cause tooth decay. Avoid gripe water.
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