6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I've had 2 c-section and this will be my 3rd I want this to be normal is VBAC possible after two c-sec

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Answer: There gave been few videos on YouTube saying it is possible if the gap is good between the 1st 2nd and tye third one. However very rare te doctors would suggest you to go for VBAC, if you have any midwifes hospitals in your area you may contact them they always believe in deleviring normal till the matter gets extreme they keep trying for normal
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Question: Is it possible to have Vbac in India? I mostly heard if you have first c sec thn second will definitely be c sec
Answer: Yes, u can have normal delivery after c section which is known as VBAC. The most concerning risk of VBAC is uterine rupture. The uterus tears open along the scar line from a prior C-section or major uterine surgery so doctors opt for c section again.
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Question: Normal delivery after c section is possible..??? Vbac will lead to death of mom and baby..???
Answer: Hello dear, vaginal birth after C-section is possible for many women..it is important that you and your doctor must discuss is the type of C-section scar that you have on your uterus...If your C-section scar is vertical, you cannot attempt vaginal delivery... There is a very high risk that your scar could tear when you try to have a vaginal birth, which could cause great harm to you and your baby and you’ll need to have a C-section again...but if your C-section scar is low and horizontal, your doctor might allow you to try vaginal delivery, if your other health factors are fine...
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Question: I had two c sec. now i'm again pregnant i want normal delivery it is possible
Answer: Hello dear. We would not be able to judge if it would be a c-section or a normal delivery. However, you can try veginal birth after c section, you can talk to your doctor regarding this. Take care.
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