4 months old baby

Question: I've got severe cold and cough...I breastfeed along with supplement...doc have me azithromycin, montelukast and one more tab...cough syrup too...can I feed her?

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Question: I have pcos since last 3yr and now i m pregnant with pcos, can anyone suggest me proper diet
Answer: Congratulations on ur pregnancy. I am a pcos too. Try to avoid sugar and take breakfast at night.
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Question: I have one year five months girl baby and I became pregnant with in one year, Dec 18 blessed with second girl baby when she born weight was 2.87kgs, after discharge from hospital she got jades weight loss to 2.3 Kgs kept in phototarape than all came normal 2.54 kgs than discharge, after one month also her weight not increase, I am breastfeeding her don't know whether my milk his sufficient or not
Answer: Include high protein and good fats in your diet. Your milk composition can really help gain weight in your baby. It’s my personal experience. Baby's pee count : baby should pee more than 6 times in 24 hrs . i.e more than 6+ wet cloth nappies in 24 hrs . If he is peeing more than 6 times , he is getting sufficient milk . Usually breast fed babies regain their birth weight in 2 weeks . But there are babies who regain their weight in 25 days as well .
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Question: My baby is 26 days old and he sleeps in the day and awakes the whole night and he gets more hungry at night insisted of the day. My breast milk became less at night. what should I do? I take 3 times milk with Shatavari. Than too what should I have for more milk.
Answer: Don't worry it's normal. After a month passed baby will change the routine. Drink plenty of water to hydrate ur self.
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