26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I usually feel tighten in my pregnancy bump..from today morning I am feeling very light as if I am not carrying anything..is that normal ?

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Answer: Yes dear it's normal nd happens with me too. Sometimes I doubt about my pregnancy although I have big baby bump. Sometimes I got tired with tightness nd babies kicks. Don't worry
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Question: I am feeling very itchy in my breasts... Is it normal? Is thr any remedy for that
Answer: Yes it's normal even I feel same... Apply coconut oil or ghee n massage gently
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Question: this is my first pregnancy.. Now I am in 17th week of pregnancy. I am still not feeling any baby movements... Is anything wrong with this?
Answer: Hi dear, this is too early start baby movements. Baby movements inside the uterus called quickening. You will be able to feel as kicking, gas bubbles, flicking, tickling movements. If it is your 1st pregnancy you will able to feel Movements between 18-24 weeks, sometimes later also.So not to worry.so please wait till 24 weeks even if you will not able to feel after 24 weeks please visit doctor once.take care
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Question: I am feeling light movements from starting itself but in sonography always it came normal..Now in last time is there anything to worry if m feeling less movements?
Answer: U r 37 weeks pregnant now. Baby has grown now. Baby has no enough space in womb To move easily. That's why we feel less movements With growing pregnancy
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