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Question: I used m2 tone medicine for my period regular from 2 months. Now we can try for baby or not. What medicine should be taken for regular periods and for an egg realese

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Answer: Hello dear. Medicine should be prescribed by your gynae and no one else. Please do not self medicate. If periods are not regular ypu need to consult doctor to underatand why is it like that. Hope it helps
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    Jikurllah Alam65 days ago

    I checked with my doctor and he gives a medicine for periods and too much paining in stomach and back. Then that medicine became successful. Nowdays while my periods came my stomach didn't paining Bt we are planing for baby.

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Question: I had pcod prblm from 8 months i used femovan medicine for 6 months than last month without medicine i got regular period now i want to conceive
Answer: Hi dear if your period has become regular then there is no major problem in conception I would suggest you to take care of your diet have healthy fats both you and your partner should maintain the diet and also avoiding alcohol smoking campaign would help you other than that you need to have unprotected intercourse in your ovulation on fertile days and above everything please stop worrying unnecessarily because your stress hormone suppresses the chances of fertility so it is very important to be stress free while you are trying to conceive .. Hope this helps!
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Question: What medicine can be taken for acidity or heart burn ?
Answer: u can take PANTOP-40, in early mrng before 20-30 min of ur breakfast.
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Question: I am surviving from my irregular period cycle from last 2 years after marriage .... and last year I was miscarriage... and now again I want try for baby planning is my irregular period cycle is not suitable for my planning? And what can I do for getting regular periods. Usually I my periods late by 1 week ? What can I do ? Please help me
Answer: Hi dear, there are few reasons for late periods or problem in getting pregnant. The first reason is if you have any medical conditions like pcos or thyroid problem which may cause to have irregular periods or some may skip periods. Other main reason is any medications may cause irregularities in ur cycle like blood pressure medicines or any kind of allergy medicines. There are also different reasons for negative pregnancy test after missed periods like you may be suffering from undiagnosed medical condition or extreme stress level. So make a plan to check with Dr. Take care! 
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