30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I used to get strong kicks. But since 4 days I'm not getting that much kicks but I'm getting mild movements. Rarely mild kicks. Is my baby fine.

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Answer: In 8th month u won't get any strong kicks u can only experience mild kicks bcoz there will be very less space in ur stomach it's common so don't worry
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Question: I have been experiencing my baby movements since 10 days correctly...I experienced some strong kicks too...but since 2 days Iam not feeling strong kicks and baby movements are slow..do I need to go for a check up
Answer: Baby would have changed its position... If u hav any doubts first have something sweet and lie on ur left. U will feel movements. If not go to doc
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Question: I'm not getting much kicks like before worried about my baby give some tips to get baby movements
Answer: Eat something sweet and loe on ur left Drink something waem or cold..walk for 10 kin and then lie on your left... You will feel your baby kicks.mostly babies will be active after mpm eats something.. your baby may not be active throughout the day some babies will be more active at day time where are some may be active only at night ..and babies movement will not be the same every day....so dont worry..talk to your baby sing a same song eveeyday..ur baby respond as soon as it s heard..
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Question: From last 3 days my baby is moving but movements are not that strong as used to be. But m feeling movements. Is it normal?
Answer: Yes dear this is normal don't worry intensity of movements keeps on changing ... Make sure you are not stressing yourself or not carrying any kind of tension as all these things effects child. Tc stay cheerful .
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