31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I use to walk daily after dinner is it risky in 8th month.

Answer: No Upto delivery u should go for walk Walking is a best exercise for all time
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Question: Is it good to walk for 15-20 min in 8th month after having meals
Answer: Yes .it's very good for digestion. Also good for normal delivery
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Question: hello....! how long we need to walk in a day, during this stage. what is the best time to walk. morning or evening??? n I use to walk after dinner for 30 mins is it safe???
Answer: Hi! 30 minutes’ walk is good for a day. The recommendation I usually 150 minute walk for a week. Early morning walks are beneficial to start your day with it and could help in natural child birth.
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Question: Everyone says 8th month is risky. Is it true?
Answer: 8th month as such isnt risky.. Nothing happens in 8th month. Only reason its been told is if at all u happen to deliver Now..baby s lungs wouldn't me matured and it would cause some problems. Best for u is to relax n leave everything to nature to take care..we cant Really stop something from happening. Be positive n stay calm..all is well. But do take care to count baby kicks n thn everything is ok!!
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