5 months old baby

Question: i use babywalker for my fivemonth old baby.is it bad for my boy baby's leg

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Answer: Please do not use baby walker at such a tender age of 5 months... your baby must be still breast-feeding... do oil massage for your baby with coconut oil... please stop using baby walker... start walker after 6 or 7 months of age... while choosing a walker take care that your baby must be able to keep head up and must be able to touch the ground with its feet...
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Question: Can I use odomos roll on for my baby.is there any bad effect of this product on my baby
Answer: No dear, its completely safe my sister is also using this for her baby . Just dont apply it on baby's skin and strictly it's for clothes use..
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Question: My 1 yr boy leg full rough what cn i use for softness for his skin
Answer: Baby’s skin loses moisture much quickly compared to adults therefore it's important to protect his skin against harsh weather conditions. Use mildest soap for baby so that his natural skin oils are not ripped off. Apply baby lotion twice to keep skin hydrated and nourished all the time. Massage baby with oil before taking him to bath. Avoid using hot water to bathe baby as it makes skin dry.
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Question: My 1month old baby's leg is shivering. Is it normal?
Answer: Yes normal, cover baby body two months, but summer is start so take car baby
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