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Question: I underwent anamoly scan few days before.Dr said that everything is normal.im a dentist and my dr usually explains everything to me.In the report it was mentioned that there was an isolated intracardiac echogenic focus in left ventricle of my foetus.Is there any complication please explain about that

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Answer: Hi! Fetal Echocardiogenic Foci are common findings and are commonly seen inside heart chambers during routine fetal heart scanning, the left ventricle is most frequent location, Although they probably represent a normal variant of papilary muscle development, they should be monitered as a possible risk of congenital heart defect. Good luck!
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    Meena Kodivairan763 days ago

    Thank you for your kind info 😊

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Question: During anamoly scan the reports states that there is an echogenic focus seen in left valve LV what does that mean
Answer: Hello dear There is nothing to Worry as it is just the calcium deposits or a group of tight muscles which will cause no harm to baby and will disappear after some months when baby will born.
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Question: I had done my level 2 ultrasound. There is a single tiny echogenic intracardiac focus noted in the left ventricle. Is everything fine?
Answer: If rest of the things are okay. No need to worry. Sometimes calcium gets deposit on veins. Drink lots of fluids,
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Question: Hiii doctor.... I got anamoly scan done in that echogenic focus seen in left ventricle report is been given .... is their any problem in this
Answer: hi dear! As long as all the examinations are normal, there is no reason why a child with an echogenic intracardiac focus may not grow up to be perfectly normal. Most of them are seen in the middle of the pregnancy will not go away before delivery. but then it wont cause any problem to the baby also . an echogenic focus is seen in the left ventricle of the heart. This is NOT a heart defect, it does NOT. change the function of the heart, and it does NOT cause any heart disease. just we have to keep checking them on the scans . take care! i hope this information was of help !
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