1 months old baby

Question: I hve twin babys ...how to feed at the time both babys r crying same time ...and how to increase my breast milk..i hve low lakstan...

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Answer: 1.Please google ' football method ' of breast feeding. With this method u can feed d babies at d same time 2.Eat garlic, fennel seeds, mutton , green leafy vegetables and drink lots of water. U can drink mother's Horlicks . This will help to increase breast milk.
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Question: I am getting low breastmilk to feed my baby. So how can i increase the breast milk pls
Answer: Me too had this problem. Have lots of fruits and vegetables. Eating fruits like guva,orange etc and gteen lwafy vegetables really helps. oats is excellent or increasing milk supply. Also cook rice porridge with some cooked fenugreek and add thick coconut milk. I swear it worls wonders.drink minimum 1glass milk daily. There is an Ayurvedic medicine named 'sthanyachoornam'. It is not over pricwd like every other milk inducing products. Ot cost just some 100 or 120 per bottle and one bottle lasts around 1 week. 1 tspoon a day after a glass of milk works wonder. Drink lots of milk before and after breast feeding.
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Question: Is it important to feed breastfeed the baby both sides at the same time???pls suggest.
Answer: Hi. No its not important. Acty breast is filled which two type of milk fore milk and hind milk, and baby needs both the milk on ratio of 1:3. Hind milk comes after fore milk which contains fat and other vitamins. So first you need to empty your one breast and if baby is still hungry feed him from next breast.
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Question: i feed my 4months baby both bottle feed and my milk becoz of low milk..but now he stopped taking my feed and crying .. having only bottle feed.. what should i do to have both feed..plz suggest
Answer: hello.. dear you breastfeed in the morning and night and rest of the times you can feed him with bottle.
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