33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I tried using android mobile phone torch on my belly to interact with baby for two days and now worried that the rays may cause any bad to the child....can anyone please help me to clear on this?

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Answer: Hi, there is no problem if you show the torch on your belly these rays wont affect your baby if you want your baby to make more movements you can just do a light massage on your belly , listen to loud music , eat cold items very little if you are having cold and cough please do not eat, you can just talk on your belly baby would listen to your talks , eat food which makes the baby active. Also you can count the baby movements like 10 kicks in 2 hours. If there is less movement u try the above tips if there is no movement for 24hrs you can contact your gynaecologist immediately immediately. Hope it helps.
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Question: Madam please tell me that is using the mobile phone creates bad effect on pregnancy?
Answer: Dear mobiles do have some radiation which are not good during pregnancy but intidays life we can stop using mobile completely so its better if we use it only when need..
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Question: Hello, i am 23 weeks pregnant, i wanted to know whether using mobile phone will affect the baby in my womb? I use my phone too much. Please suggest. I am worried, & trying to use it as less as possible.
Answer: Hello dear, yes definitely using mobile continuously can adversely effects your unborn child. It's better to restrict using mobile as much as possible. Specially when your mobile going to be discharged a strong radiation coming from it and it is a very bad for your baby. So avoid it as much as possible.
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Question: Hai!! Im 28 days old mother i have small lump on my breast how to clear that n is it cause any problem.. pls anyone suggest me how to clear rhat lump on my breast.. Im worried
Answer: When milk is stored in excess then lump is formed. Just feed baby or else take out the milk by pressing the breast. Pour bit hot water for removing the pain. Put hot water bag. If lump continues chances are that you may get fever that affects baby also. Take care
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