7 months old baby

Question: I tried feeding solid food to my baby.I started rice water and dal water.Baby is not willing to drink either of them.How will i be able to feed her anything?she like only bm or fm

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Answer: Hello dear!Whenever you start feeding solids to your baby,it should always start with fruit purees,followed by vegetable purees. Once your baby starts getting adapted to these food groups,u may add cereals,lentils and rice too in the diet. Babies are really comfortable with the good taste of breastmilk,so it is difficult for them to get adjusted to any bland food so early in weaning.
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    Rency Sunish863 days ago

    My son whenever I feed him fruit puree like apple banana (NETRAKKAYA) he take it but spit and make weird sound

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    Mangala L860 days ago

    Give it in a bit flowing consistency...

Answer: Hi! This is common problem. You can mix apple/ Banana Puree with suji. Boil apple first. Can mix with boiled flattened rice also. Sometimes I add palm candy but not regularly. Use boiled rice, veggies and daal to prepare khichdi. It's better to use grinders.
Answer: My baby is also 7 months.. try to give apple puree aur potato puree ... aur sooji ki kheer...kuch Na kuch apke baby ko jarur passed ayega. U can give potato puree also with a pinch of kala Nanak n desi ghee
Answer: Hiiii dear...give puree to ur baby...like apple banana.same problem with me...in dis time baby wants to try new things..my baby loves apple puree...try dis.. surely ur baby will enjoy eating..
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    Sneha Karwa899 days ago

    Slowly ur baby will get habituated

Answer: Hello, try with puree like chickoo because it is sweet and apple puree and also Moong dal kichdi with a small pich of salt But u try daily by giving do not be full with BM &Fm
Answer: My Baby is also seven months and I start giving him curd, dal properly mashed ,banana and other fruits also but mashed U should also try this
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    Jyots M927 days ago

    I faced samd problem in start, she use to spit and tak out.. but i didn't stopped giving.. i did same for 10 days atlist and she got use too.. and slowly started to hav it..

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    Jyots M927 days ago

    Same problem**

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    Sneha Karwa899 days ago

    First of all...C that she is really hungry...n stay with 3,4sppins of rice water...

Answer: My son in premature,his EDD was 11-3-2018,but he was born on 16-12-2017. So please update my profile as my son is premature.
Answer: Add gee in dal rice...and try to feed...try also apple puree its sweety and tasty...
Answer: Hi, you can start with banana, apple puree and khichdi, suji and vegetables.
Answer: मेरा बेटा कुछ नही खाता है सिर्फ़ दूध पिता है और बहुत दुबला भी हो गया hai
Answer: Meri daughter spoon se ki h nhi khati apne pass bethte hi rone lagti h
Answer: My baby is having cough she vomits everything wht to do??
Answer: You will give her normal food smashed
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Question: My baby eats only BM,sometimes FM..he doesn't like solid food..plz suggest what to give?
Answer: Hi dear. Your baby is 12 months already so its very important for her to eat semi solids also . toddlers have a habit if refusing food. You have to keep trying. It is summer now , during summer everybody loses appetite, even adults Don't feel like eating much during summers. It is a proven fact that summer reduce baby's appetite to great extent. You will have to arose her interest in food by presenting new new food items, a baby have to see a food for at least 3_4 times before eating it. Let her play with food, playing with food make baby interested in food . It is summer so you can offer banana shake, mango shake, strawberry shake etc. Try to give finger food to her such as carrot sticks, cucumber slices, apple pieces etc. Give her chapati in form of small pieces and let her eat with her own hands. Try curd, all babies like curd in summer. Keep trying, Don't give up
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Question: Hello, My baby girl will be complete 7 month on 29th may, i tried to give her solid food like mashed apple, banana But she didn't eat anything everytime she crying while eating i also tried rice soup, daal ka pani, daliya but again she didn't want to eat anything also i tried bottle feed but she didn't take she only wants mother feed ☹what to do? What else i can give her i am really worried about her
Answer: Dear your baby is just 7 months old. It's just a phase to reject food. Feed breastmilk whenever baby is demanding. Don't worry It's a universal problem dear. Don't worry. . As they grow they loose interest in food because they will more engaged in exploring other things. Just be patient. Keep trying to give variety of food like soups, pancakes, eggs, fruit smoothie or whatever baby likes. Make habbit of eating with everyone. Child don't listen to us they imitate us. Give food in a plate and let child eat by self. You too eat with baby. Baby will surely copy you. Offer finger foods to baby. Give plenty of warm water. Keep breastfeeding your baby.
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Question: Dear moms my baby did'nt like solid food .she like only milk if i give her solid food ,she vommit how should i gave her solid food
Answer: babies like fruits a lot you can try to start with that don't Mash the food give it cut like a coin shape banana and let your baby Hold and eat on its own when they will start playing with the food they will take it into the mouth .
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